Rescue Jobs!!

In the bookkeeping industry we bookkeepers often all chat (within the confines of confidentiality of course) about clients. One of the most common themes is discussing what we call in the trade a 'rescue job'.

What do I mean by a 'rescue job?'

Simple - the business owner has got everything in a mess and can't handle it anymore so gets a bookkeeper in to fix everything up, or 'rescue' them from drowning in the mess!!

Recent rescue jobs that Business Books South West have had to tackle include the business owner who had never put together a profit and loss statement despite being in business for two years and another business owner that went bankrupt and never got the financials sorted out despite not having run the business for eighteen months.

From my experience the rescue jobs are always challenging (often frustrating) and usually involves a lot of time and thus cost for the client. For the client it is both a realisation that financials are not their key skill and that they have made a mess of things trying to do the financial tasks themselves.

Despite all the advice out in the business world the rescue job will always continue, and that is, in some ways, what keeps us bookkeepers in business!

If you think you need help with a rescue job then get in contact and we'll get you out of the s^&t!