End of Financial Year Panic - 5 tips

Happy New Financial Year to everyone!!

Heck, does that mean we have to get into shape with the bookwork before we go see the accountant for our tax returns.....well yes, if you want to get some money back from Mr. Tax Man (so we all hope).

Here's 5 top tips for getting over the panic:

1. Make sure all your receipts are together and entered into MYOB or your accounting system.

2. Look at all your bank statements for business expenses that may have been paid from accounts other than those linked to the business.

3. Has all your income been recorded - check this and make sure it all is, as the Tax Office might catch you out.

4. Have it all ready for the accountant/bookkeeper in good time and in good order - there's nothing worse for us than having to sort through a shoebox of paperwork before we can do anything,

5. Relax and stop panicking!!!

And if all else fails........contact Business Books South West to help you get out of the mess.

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